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  • lorilacefield
    lorilacefield I attended the first ThrillerFest many years ago and have lurked around ever since. Finally got around to joining the member site with the May 2018 publication of my first two indie books, The Advocate and The Fifth Juror. Happy to be here and reconnect!
    • Mon at 4:30 PM
  • lorilacefield
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  • Skye Moody
    Skye Moody has added a new profile photo.
    • June 16
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  • Stella1945
    Stella1945SummerPrescott: It's a beautiful day here, a great day to write page one of my newest novel. Scary but fun!
    • June 11
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  • GezaTatrallyay
    GezaTatrallyay The third international crime thriller in my 'Twisted' trilogy, TWISTED FATES, has just been published by Black Opal Books, and is available via Amazon, B&N or through most bookstores. I will be presenting all three books at Bookstock in Woodstock VT ...  more Geza Tatrallyay: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle
    • June 11
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  • Skye Moody
    Skye Moody Hola from Mexico, amigos. It's mysterious monsoon season here! ~ Skye Moody
    • June 10
  • JonathanBoorstein
    JonathanBoorstein hello everyone
    • June 10
  • JonathanBoorstein
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  • VictoriaGilbert
    VictoriaGilbert The first two books in my Blue Ridge Library Mystery series -- A MURDER FOR THE BOOKS and SHELVED UNDER MURDER -- have been optioned by Sony Pictures Television!
    • June 10
  • Leonardo Wild
    Leonardo WildSummerPrescott: Hi Summer, great to see you made it into ITW! Welcome!
    • June 10
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    • Leonardo Wild
      SummerPrescott Thank you! Great to connect! I've tried to comment three times and unfortunately they didn't seem to go through, lol. Hopefully this time will be the charm!